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Welcoming our new Representatives with Avon's best-selling beauty products

 Joining Avon is even sweeter, giving new Representatives the chance to ADD an exclusive Avon collection to their orders for FREE when they place Regular On Time order's over (HOV) Higher Order Value (£160)


Rewards in first 4 campaigns to give the best Start in the Avon Business.

As an independent Representative you are the vital link delivering Avon products to the customer. You will be selling high quality, great value Avon products backed

by a 28 day guarantee 

The amount of money you can earn as a Representative really depends on you, the more products you sell the more you earn, up to 25% of your customers orders, dependant on achieving a minimum order value

Exclusive First Look magazine for Avon representatives offering up to 80% discount on clearance products

Sell the products to family & friends, take it to your workplace, if you have time you could show the brochure to people in your own area and where possible, have your very own road allocated to you

Avon is much more than an unlimited earning opportunity. Being an Avon Representative is a great way to meet new people in your local area. You'll also find you develop new skills as you build and grow your business.

jobs avon work avon sell avon

Frequently Asked Questions


How can my Representative get the pack?

To make joining Avon even better, we offer new Representatives the chance to receive

£300** worth of products for FREE if they place an order over Higher Order Value (HOV)*.


How can my Representative take advantage?

If they place an order over HOV, they’ll be able to add the relevant pack for that order for FREE. Plus, if they place their first four orders over HOV they can add the designer handbag to the fourth order for FREE.


What’s inside the exclusive collections? They’re full of our best-selling beauty products, as well as samples and training guides to get you started. First order – Favourites Collection Second order – Make-Up Collection Third order – Skincare and Fragrance Collection Fourth order – T by Tabitha Webb Designer Bag


What if my Representative forgets to add it to their order?

It’s really important to add the line number to the correct order as there isn’t a back ordering opportunity, so they’ll only receive the pack if they add it to the correct order.


Do they have to place consecutive orders?

To benefit from all the packs, they’ll need to place orders consecutively in the first four campaigns. It’s up to them which packs they want to try and achieve.


What counts towards order value?

The order value includes any orders from their store where customers have chosen Representative delivery, as well as their normal regular order. They must hit HOV in a single order to achieve this.


What about if they miss Higher Order Value?

We don’t want anyone to miss out, so for orders over MOV but under HOV, your Representative can still add an amazing pack for just £15. If their order is under MOV they won’t be able to purchase a pack.


Can the Representative return a pack?

Yes they can but it must be returned as a complete pack. We can also exchange a product if it’s faulty for any reason but it must be returned with the whole pack.


I have team members who placed their first order before Campaign 6.

What packs are achievable for them?

Any Representatives who placed their first order prior to Campaign 6 2017, they will be in the previous Representative Welcome Programme and will have all the previous packs on offer, under the previous terms. *Terms and conditions apply. **Based on normal brochure prices

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